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Roger D. Bourke

Aerospace Consultant
Alta, Utah and La Cañada, California

Areas of Expertise: Planetary mission analysis and design, program planning

Roger Bourke spent the majority of his professional life at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory engaged in various aspects of planetary exploration. He participated in and later led mission planning activities for Mariner Mars 1971, Mariner Venus-Mercury 1973, early phases of Viking, Voyager and the series of Mars missions beginning in the 1990's. In the 1980's, he worked as the mission design and operations manager of the then-Mars Rover Sample Return pre-project and subsequently represented the robotic exploration element in various NASA Mars initiatives. Prior to his retirement from JPL in 2000, he was responsible for coordinating the international connections in the worldwide efforts to explore the Red Planet. NASA awarded him an Exceptional Service Medal and he has been elected to the International Academy of Astronautics. He is now a part-time consultant and full-time skier.

Recent publications:
W. Huntress, D. Stetson, R. Farquhar, J. Zimmerman, B. Clark, W. O'Neil, R. Bourke, and B. Foing, The next steps in exploring deep space-A cosmic study by the IAA. Acta Astronautica, Vol 58, Issues 6-7, March-April 2006, p302-377.